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The Struggle Against Sexual Assault & the Ghomeshi Trial

Ghomeshi TrialThe high-profile trial of former CBC radio host Jian Ghomeshi has made it glaringly clear that the capitalist criminal justice system fails survivors of sexual violence. In March, Ghomeshi was found “not guilty” for one charge of choking to overcome resistance and four charges of sexual assault related to three women. Throughout the trial the three women complainants were aggressively cross-examined and scrutinized as if they themselves had committed a crime, instead of their celebrity abuser.

Women’s Emancipation: Hillary Clinton vs The Class Struggle

hillary clinton at homeIn the current campaign to receive the Democratic Party’s nomination for president, Hillary Clinton has tried to portray herself as a defender of women’s rights, appealing to “sisterhood” and the possibility of becoming the first female president in order to galvanize support. While there is certainly a layer who views her as the most progressive candidate because of her gender, many young women and men in the U.S. can see right through the smoke and mirrors, and recognize Clinton as a member of the increasingly hated establishment.

Changes to Canada’s prostitution laws put sex workers at further risk

Sex workers protesting in front of the Supreme Court

A year ago, the Supreme Court delivered a landmark decision that struck down Canada’s antiquated prostitution laws for endangering sex workers far above “the aims of the law”. It is with a cruel irony that the Conservatives’ new prostitution laws came into effect on the 25th anniversary of the 1989 École Polytechnique massacre, particularly as the new laws will only put sex workers (especially women) at further risk of violence and unsafe conditions.

End Violence Against Women: End Capitalism!

25 years ago, a gunman targeted and killed 14 women, injuring another 10 women and four men at the École Polytechnique in Montreal. This horrific event brought the issue of violence against women into the public spotlight and many women’s rights groups pointed out that this was a symptom of systemic sexism, rather than the isolated actions of a deranged individual. While strides have been made in women’s rights since then, women remain unequal to men in almost every aspect of life. Formal equality under the law can never fully emancipate women under capitalism, which relies on the exploitation and oppression of women for its survival.

Bread & Roses: The socialist origins of International Working Women’s Day

Over 100 years have passed since the first International Women’s Day was organized. Although International Women’s Day (IWD) has, in recent years, become an event that focuses on the celebration of women’s rights and achievements, the socialist origins of the IWD have become lesser known.

Int'l Women's Day: Socialism is the way forward for women's rights

Over the past few years, the world has been reminded of the power of women rising up to change society, whether it is from women leading strikes in Egypt, to the colossal anti-rape movement in India, to women sparking off the Idle No More movement in Canada. Across the planet, working women and men are fighting against increasing poverty and social inequality.

The key role of women in the Egyptian Revolution

Today marks the 100th anniversary of International Working Women's Day.  Throughout history, women have often played the lead role in revolutionary struggle.  The current revolution of the Arab masses is no exception.  We publish this article that highlights the important role currently being played by Egyptian women.

Women’s struggle and the class struggle

One hundred years ago today, 99 women from 17 different countries attended the Socialist Women's Conference held in Copenhagen in the House of the People. In this first part, we look at the origins of Women's Day, the origin of women's oppression in class society, how capitalism lays the material foundations upon which the question of women's emancipation can be tackled as part of the struggle of the working class for the emancipation of the whole of humanity from class oppression.

"International Working Women's Day" -- by V.I. Lenin

This weekend marks International Women's Day, one of the most important dates for revolutionaries.  To celebrate this date, and to remind everyone of the revolutionary significance of this day, we publish here an address by Lenin, where he talks about the struggle against women's oppression and how this struggle was tied to the struggle against capitalism.

Ruby Dhalla: This is what Liberal feminism looks like

As women, feminists tell us that we live in a society where men oppress us, and thus, in order to get ahead in life, we need to unite with other women to break free of the shackles that men have placed upon us.  This logic presupposes that men are the ultimate oppressor, and that all women have the same interests at heart.  However, with the Ruby Dhalla controversy, women must ask themselves how it is that a woman can oppress other women, and if so, do all women have the same interests at heart?