• Conservative Austerity Rejected. NDP Humiliated.

    Canadians have voted for change and rejected the austerity of the Harper Conservatives. Read More +
  • The system is broken - for a revolutionary solution!

    The OECD perspective is that global GDP growth will stagnate and slow over the next 50 years. This is what working people and youth have to look forward to - another 50 years of crisis and austerity and the utter decay of capitalist society. Read More +
  • Join us for the 6th annual Northeast Marxist Winter School in Montreal!

    Youth and workers will need to be armed with Marxist ideas for the struggles to come. With this in mind, we announce the 6th annual Northeast Marxist Winter School in Montreal this coming February! Read More +
  • TPP: A trade deal for the 1%

    Aptly described as “NAFTA on steroids,” the TPP represents a direct threat to democracy, the environment, workers’ rights and public health. Read More +
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Fightback No. 93 (Nov 2015)

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Hugo Chavez (1954-2013)

The Fight for Socialism Lives

Chavez2003 980

Hugo Chavez the man is no longer with us, but he lives on. We pledge ourselves to do everything in our power to step up the fight for socialism in Venezuela and throughout the world. That is the only way to honour the memory of Hugo Chavez.

World Capitalism

The EU Crisis


The crisis of the euro resembles a long drawn-out death agony. There is one “decisive” summit after another, each proclaiming a definitive end to the euro crisis. The bourgeoisie finds itself adrift in uncharted waters with no map or compass.

Student Movement

How To Build It Across Canada?

The Quebec student movement has provided a beacon of hope for working people and youth across the world. The attempt by the Charest government to nearly double tuition fees in the province has sparked massive resistance and shaken the government.