• Campus workers on strike

    Fightback stands in solidarity with striking workers at UofT and YorkU. Read More +
  • New "anti-terrorism" act

    The Conservatives' Bill C-51 is aimed at attacking democratic rights and liberties. Read More +
  • Coming mass movement in Quebec?

    Liberal austerity threatens to unleash the power of Quebec's working class. Read More +
  • Parliament Hill Shooting

    Stephen Harper is using the spectre of terrorism to attack civil liberties in Canada. Read More +
  • Missing Aboriginal Women

    The violence and poverty faced by Aboriginal women cannot be resolved under capitalism. Read More +
  • Marx Was Right!

    Over 160 years later it appears that the spectre of Marxism is as potent as ever. Read More +
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Fightback #88 (Apr. 2015)

Fightback issue #88 (Apr. 2015) is now available.

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Hugo Chavez (1954-2013)

The Fight for Socialism Lives

Chavez2003 980

Hugo Chavez the man is no longer with us, but he lives on. We pledge ourselves to do everything in our power to step up the fight for socialism in Venezuela and throughout the world. That is the only way to honour the memory of Hugo Chavez.

World Capitalism

The EU Crisis


The crisis of the euro resembles a long drawn-out death agony. There is one “decisive” summit after another, each proclaiming a definitive end to the euro crisis. The bourgeoisie finds itself adrift in uncharted waters with no map or compass.

Student Movement

How To Build It Across Canada?

The Quebec student movement has provided a beacon of hope for working people and youth across the world. The attempt by the Charest government to nearly double tuition fees in the province has sparked massive resistance and shaken the government.