• Fightback Reaches Issue 100

    The supporters of the International Marxist Tendency in Canada have reached an important milestone. In July 2016, we publish the 100th issue of our English-language magazine, Fightback. Read More +
  • Support Postal Workers - Fire the Management!

    Fifty thousand postal workers could be out on picket lines in a matter of days, as Canada Post management is doing everything they can to provoke a showdown. Read More +
  • Help Us Hire Farshad Azadian to Organize Revolutionary Youth!

    Fightback is launching a campaign to hire Farshad Azadian as its fourth full-time organizer. Our aim is to unite revolutionary youth in the struggle for free education, student-worker solidarity, and for a socialist alternative to austerity. Help us by making a regular monthly contribution. Read More +
  • Brexit vote sends shockwaves across European Establishment

    After 40 years as part of the European Union they voted to turn their backs on it. This decision has immense consequences for the future of Britain, Europe and the world. Read More +
  • Canadian Perspectives 2016: Preparing for the Next Stage of Struggle

    The election of the Trudeau Liberals marks a new stage in Canadian politics. Instead of ruling via the blunt reaction and division of the Conservatives, the ruling class is utilizing the deception of “sunny ways”. Read More +
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Fightback No. 101 (Sept 2016)

Cover Fightback No 101

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Hugo Chavez (1954-2013)

The Fight for Socialism Lives

Chavez2003 980

Hugo Chavez the man is no longer with us, but he lives on. We pledge ourselves to do everything in our power to step up the fight for socialism in Venezuela and throughout the world. That is the only way to honour the memory of Hugo Chavez.

World Capitalism

The EU Crisis


The crisis of the euro resembles a long drawn-out death agony. There is one “decisive” summit after another, each proclaiming a definitive end to the euro crisis. The bourgeoisie finds itself adrift in uncharted waters with no map or compass.

Student Movement

How To Build It Across Canada?

The Quebec student movement has provided a beacon of hope for working people and youth across the world. The attempt by the Charest government to nearly double tuition fees in the province has sparked massive resistance and shaken the government.