Canada-US trade war: Don’t trust Trudeau to fight Trump!

Donald Trump And Justin Trudeau (Photo Credit: Greg Nash)The trade war between the United States and Canada has begun. On July 1, the tariffs that Donald Trump announced against steel and aluminum came into effect. In response, the Canadian government has put counter tariffs in place. The rise in protectionism threatens to drag the already fragile world economy into a deep slump. In this war in which big capitalist powers fight over who has the largest piece of the pie, the workers will be the first victims.

Trump’s war on globalisation

Donald Trump at the podium in front of a "Buy America" bannerOn Thursday the deadline passed for an agreement between Trump and Canada, Japan, Mexico and the EU on trade. Failure to reach an agreement meant that the steel and aluminium tariffs threatened by Trump came into force. With this, Trump has begun the process of unravelling globalisation. On Saturday, the G-7 finance ministers met and the 6 non-US ministers came together against the US, expressing their “unanimous concern and disappointment” over the US decision.

Trade war looms as Trump slaps tariffs on steel, aluminum

Trudeau announces retaliatory measuresAs of midnight on May 31, the Trump administration has delivered on its threats and imposed tariffs on imports of Canadian steel and aluminum. The tariffs amount to 25 per cent and 10 per cent, respectively. Mexico and Europe have also been targeted.

Toronto: Over 70 discuss the sexual revolution in the Soviet Union

On May 23, more than 70 students and workers gathered at Ryerson University for Fightback’s event on the Sexual Revolution in the Soviet Union. Presenting on the topic was Fred Weston, editor of the In Defense of Marxism website and author of a recent series of articles on sexuality in the USSR. He explained that to learn the real lessons for the struggle against oppression today, we have to start with an honest appraisal of what the Russian Revolution was able to achieve in the early stages of the revolution, and why and how these achievements came to be reversed under Stalinism, placing all of these developments in their historical context.

Toronto van attack: Alienated young men and capitalism

toronto van crashAt 1:30 in the afternoon of Monday, April 23, a man deliberately drove a rental van into pedestrians in the Yonge and Finch area of Toronto. At the time of writing 10 people are dead, while 15 are in hospital, some in serious condition. The injured and dead are men, women, possibly children, out walking in what is known as Toronto’s “north downtown”, a busy retail area. How can we understand such violence and hate?

From emancipation to criminalisation: Stalinist persecution of homosexuals from 1934

gulagIn March 1934 Stalin re-criminalised homosexuality across the whole of the Soviet Union. Henceforth anyone involved in homosexual acts could be sent to prison for three to five years. In the early years of the Russian Revolution, however, homosexuality had been legalised – but this is something you will find little mention of in the literature produced by the official Communist Parties after 1934. Today’s Stalinists, who model themselves on Stalin’s regime, have a lot of explaining to do.

Why Elon Musk Can’t Save Humanity

Though his fan base sees him as a superstar entrepreneur, Musk's pessimistic worldview reflects capitalism's historical impasse. Most saw this as a publicity stunt and a missed opportunity to gain further knowledge from the mission. However, despite years of missed deadlines and unsuccessful tests, the car is now on its way to the Mars orbit, Musk’s tribute to the alleged superiority of private sector innovation.

Socialist Fightback Students celebrates International Women's Day across the country

Women poses with Fightback journal during International Working Women's Day march

Once again this year, Socialist Fightback Students chapters enthusiastically celebrated International Women’s Day in several cities and drew the link between the fight for women’s emancipation and the need to overthrow capitalism. We held four public events attended by close to 140 people in three cities, where we discussed the origins of women’s oppression, the socialist roots of International Women’s Day, and the most effective way to fight oppression and achieve liberation. The success of our various events shows how more and more students, workers and youth are interested in class struggle methods to fight women’s oppression in society.

Fight Women’s Oppression, Fight Capitalism

All over the world the oppression of women is on the agenda. Today, International Women’s Day, a strike has been called in several countries and demonstrations, marches and meetings are taking place in many more.

Colten Boushie murder acquittal shows racism of Canadian justice system

The justice system has once again failed Indigenous people after a Saskatchewan jury found Gerald Stanley not guilty of killing Colten Boushie of the Red Pheasant First Nation. Angry shouts of “Murderer!” echoed through the courtroom on Feb. 9 as the jury read their verdict, and this anger swept the whole nation overnight. Rallies were immediately held the following day in various cities, including Saskatoon, Regina, Edmonton, Calgary, Toronto, Ottawa, and many others, drawing thousands of people.

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