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Far right target socialists: Say no to intimidation!

The Nov. 8, 2016 presidential elections in the United States marked a turning point in world politics. The far right has been significantly emboldened by the victory of Donald Trump. The right-wing populism of Trump resulted in the strengthening of racist, sexist, homophobic, and xenophobic ideas. Individuals and groups with far-right and fascist ideas have gained the confidence to organize more publicly and try to rally support behind their violent and poisonous program. This is a phenomenon that we are witnessing across the United States as well as Canada. The question arises, how do we defeat these far-right organizations?

Capitalism's Racism in Action: The Stockley Verdict in St. Louis

stlouis police riotsThree years ago, the police murder of Michael Brown in Ferguson, MO brought to the surface the brutality faced by the black and poor population of the city of St. Louis and its surrounding suburbs. Now, the city finds itself in the news again with a murderous police officer at the center of the story.

Capitalism has failed: we need a revolution

capitalism has failed usThis year marks the 100th anniversary of the Russian Revolution. This was the first time that the workers and peasants of a country had taken power, entered into battle with the ruling class and emerged victorious. A century later, the capitalists still find the need to condemn what unfolded in Russia. Their lackeys in the media remind us that "communism failed" so much that it resembles a broken record. The reason for this is simple: they are terrified that it will happen again.

Fire and Fury: the legacy of Hiroshima and Nagasaki

Nagasaki - September 1945Donald Trump’s latest threat, that North Korea would face “fire and fury like the world has never seen” if Kim Jong-Un’s regime persists in its aggressive rhetoric has sparked a frenzy of fear and speculation in the media over the possibility of this war of words turning into a full-fledged nuclear conflict.

Omar Khadr settlement: right-wing hysteria and hypocrisy

There has been a proverbial media storm surrounding the recent settlement of the lawsuit launched by Omar Khadr. Khadr was a Canadian citizen who was captured by American forces during the invasion of Afghanistan. He was a minor at the time and was held as a prisoner at the Guantanamo Bay detention camp for ten years prior to being released and allowed to return to Canada. He then sued the Canadian government for breaching his charter rights by engaging in his interrogation, in collaboration with American officials, at the detention camp.

Sears Canada: workers denied severance while bosses get millions

Sears CanadaOn June 22, Sears Canada announced it would be closing 59 stores as part of a restructuring plan under the Companies' Creditors Arrangement Act (CCAA). The CCAA offers troubled companies an opportunity to restructure their affairs under court protection. These restructuring agreements prioritize the interests of shareholders and creditors over the needs of employees.

45 years since the 1972 Quebec general strike

Front communForty-five years ago, the largest and most important strike movement in the history of Quebec took place. During this historic episode, the workers of the province stormed onto the political arena to fight against the bourgeoisie. At its peak, workers occupied the factories and mines, and the general strike movement brought the economy of the province to a halt. 

New defence policy: Canadian imperialism flexes its muscles

Lessons in LeadershipCanadianforcesWhen Justin Trudeau stated that, “Canada is back,” it could have been interpreted as just another one of those hollow phrases which he is so good at. With the unveiling of Canada’s new defence policy on June 7th, we now understand better what he meant. As part of this new policy, the Trudeau government has announced massive increases in the defence budget, particularly the purchase of fighter jets and battleships.

Keep the Police Out of Pride!

BLMprideWhen Black Lives Matter halted the Toronto Pride Parade last year, they had a fairly short list of demands. These demands called for an end to Pride Toronto’s marginalization and exclusion of LGBTQ people of colour, prioritization of the hiring of members from particularly vulnerable sectors of the LGBTQ community (e.g. black trans women), the reinstatement of the South Asian stage, and the removal of police floats from all Pride marches and parades. Indigenous activists joined them by praying, smudging, drumming and chanting, and Latin allies participated in the drumming as well.