This Election, Break with the Bosses, in French and English

The International Marxist Tendency in Quebec has released the following statement on the federal election. "It’s time to break with the parties of the bosses, in French and in English. Whether at the provincial or federal levels, we have to rise above national differences, refuse to be divided, and insist on a single, united socialist movement across Québec and Canada. Only a united, internationalist movement can overthrow capitalism and lay the basis for a truly free, socialist Québec."

Join the Fight For Free Education!

Whether studying at Simon Fraser University (SFU), the University of Toronto (UofT), Concordia University, l’Université du Québec à Montréal (UQÀM), or any other educational institution in this country, we are faced with the same harsh reality; debt, soaring costs of living, and rising tuition.

Canada Goes to the Polls: Socialist Policies Needed

October 14th will be Canada’s 3rd election in just four years. After an entire year of speculation that the government could fall at any minute, it was Stephen Harper who broke his own fixed election date promise and pulled the plug. We are facing harder and harder times but do any of the parties have a solution to the problems workers face?

Students Protest Fee Hikes and Police Violence at University of Toronto

On Tuesday, March 25th over one hundred protesters gathered outside of the offices of University of Toronto’s President David Naylor to voice their opposition to a 20% residence fee hike and to police measures used against students during a similar protest the week prior.


Canadian Perspectives 2008 - Draft Discussion Document

This is a draft document for discussion amongst supporters of Fightback in Canada. Perspectives are a guide to action and it is through creating a dialogue with working class militants that we hope to increase the authority of Marxist ideas in the Canadian Labour movement.

Jobs Not War! Troops out of Afghanistan

Today, Liberals and Conservatives will be uniting to prolong the Canadian mission in Afghanistan until the end of 2011. At the same time as the government is endangering thousands of lives and wasting billions of dollars in Afghanistan, hundreds of thousands of Canadian manufacturing jobs are being destroyed. Industrial workers are walking into unemployment without support, but there is no shortage of money for imperialist adventures.

No compromise! Topple the Conservatives! End Canadian imperialism in Afghanistan!

Like a bully on the playground Stephen Harper and his Conservative cronies have set an ultimatum to the people of Canada. Prior to the NATO conference set to be held in April, Harper's minority government plans to hold a vote to extend the combat mission in Afghanistan until the end of 2011.

Oct 27 Anti-War Demos - Stop the War in Afghanistan!

On October 27th thousands of people will be marching across Canada against the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. In this article, Julian Benson explains how war is a product of capitalist imperialism and how the only way to truly put an end to war is to put an end to capitalism.

The Socialist Answer to the Security and Prosperity Partnership

From August 19th to 21st, the warmonger George Bush and fraudulently elected Mexican president Felipe Calderón will be guests of Canadian Conservative Prime Minister Stephen Harper. During this period thousands will protest against their "Security and Prosperity Partnership" which promises increased exploitation and militarism. Fightback activists will be distributing the following text and organizing a public meeting in Ottawa on August 19th against the SPP.
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