Doug Ford weakens police oversight

Police BrutalityAs one of his first initiatives, Ford is rolling back reforms intended to strengthen civilian oversight of police, increase accountability, and ultimately, remedy some of the worst excesses of police violence and harassment against poor, racialized, and otherwise marginalized communities. Passed in March of this year, many of the provisions of the Safer Ontario Act have not yet come into effect. Now, thanks to Ford, they will never see the light of day.

Doug Ford’s austerity targets schoolchildren

Doug Ford Cutting Carbon TaxThe first victims of Doug Ford's austerity program are children. Ford is cutting $100 million earmarked to fund school repairs in Ontario. The schools in Ontario are already in a state of disrepair. In Toronto alone there is a $4 billion repair backlog. The province overall has $15 billion in repair backlogs across 4,900 schools. Schools have inadequate heating and cooling systems, mold infestations, wiring issues, and even structural damage.

Trucking deregulation results in hundreds dead

Truckin Accident on the 401 (Credit CTV)

The King’s Highway 401, commonly known as the 401, traverses 828 kilometres of southern Ontario starting in Windsor and ending at the Quebec border where it becomes Autoroute 20. In Toronto, it widens to 18 lanes and becomes the busiest highway in North America and the world’s busiest truck route. It also continues to be, since its completion in 1968, the scene of horrific truck accidents with multiple deaths, not only from the initial collisions, but also from the resulting fires and explosions.

Video: Over 100 at “How to fight Ford” in Toronto

30425262 1678078965573989 3078041699121889280 nOn Tuesday 12th June, 5 days after right-populist Doug Ford won the Ontario election, over 100 packed into a University of Toronto classroom to discuss why Ford won and how to fight him. The mood was one of anger as people looked for ways to stop the coming attacks from the Ford Conservatives.

Ontario election: Why Ford won, and how to fight him

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The Doug Ford Conservatives have won the 2018 Ontario election. This represents a victory for right-wing populist reaction in Canada’s largest province. It also represents class polarization and the collapse of the “middle”. Kathleen Wynne’s Liberal government has been demolished, and has lost official party status. On the left, the New Democratic party, historically based on the trade unions, won its second best result in history. A period of intense class struggle opens up and there is no time for complacency.

Liberals collapse as Ontario NDP surges forward

nullWith less than a week to go in the Ontario election, the Liberals have collapsed. On June 2, Premier Kathleen Wynne even made an announcement conceding that she would not win the election, and appealed to voters to leave the Liberals with enough seats to prevent the formation of a majority government. After 15 years of Liberal rule in the province, voters are tired of a party they see as disingenuous, corrupt, and part of the elite establishment.

Durham Pride: Pro-cop liberals ignore marginalized community members

police out of prideDurham Region Pride has recently been embroiled in controversy over the issue of whether to allow uniformed police to join the parade. This debate has pitted marginalized queer community members who face regular harassment by the cops against business-friendly liberals on the Durham Region Pride board. The issue came to a head at a Tuesday, April 24 meeting where voices of the community were limited and ignored. This conflict has torn open the class divisions within the LGBTQ community.

Ontario elections: Status-quo politics cannot defeat Doug Ford

Ontario Election 2018 - All CandidatesOntario is heading into a provincial election on June 7 and all three parties have come out with promises that affect every worker and youth for better or for worse. The political landscape is polarized between Ford’s anti-establishment rhetoric and the apparent “left swing” of the Liberals and the NDP. As this article is being written, current polling data puts the Progressive Conservatives at 46 per cent compared to 27 per cent for the NDP and 21 percent for the Liberals. If the election was held today, the PC’s would come out with a majority.

Doug Ford - What he is and how to fight him

Doug Ford wins PC LeadershipLate in the evening of Saturday March 10th, Doug Ford was declared victor of the Ontario Progressive Conservative leadership race. In a complicated weighted ranked ballot system, Ford garnered just over 50 per cent of the points, narrowly surpassing establishment candidate Christine Elliott, who actually won the support of more members. The PC establishment is no doubt in a state of denial. Their party will now be led by a demagogue who has openly derided the party tops as "elites," and who gained almost no support from them during the campaign.

Toronto city budget: broken promises and austerity

In late November, Toronto Mayor John Tory announced a 2017 budget surplus of $141.8 million, shortly before city council revealed a balanced budget plan for 2018. The news lends support to Tory’s image as a stable, responsible mayor, wisely investing in public services while not spending more than the city can afford. However, a closer look reveals a different picture. The budget, which represents an increase of one per cent in spending over the previous year, actually represents a cutback in services once inflation and population growth is taken into account. Even worse, the "balanced" budget is in fact perched on the edge of an inflated and precarious housing market, making the consequences of a potential correction disastrous for workers.

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