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The world’s oppressed will shed no tears for Henry Kissinger

Tom Trottier, Socialist Revolution, U.S.A. | December 1, 2023


Canada’s history of backing ethnic cleansing of Palestine

Enrique Rodríguez Pamanes | November 30, 2023

Israel & Palestine

Media slander campaign against Palestine: We need a workers’ press!

Oliver Lue | November 29, 2023


Quebec judge rules against McGill student democracy to crush Palestine solidarity movement

Niki A., McGill student | November 28, 2023


The demand for a ceasefire in Gaza and the communist response

Arman Ebrahimi, Socialist Revolution, U.S.A. | November 28, 2023


Kenya Mau Mau uprising: When British imperialism conducted a colonial war of terror in ‘self-defence’

Oliver Brotherton | November 24, 2023


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What can communists do to free Palestine?

Fightback | October 20, 2023

Down with hypocrisy! Defend Gaza! – IMT statement

International Marxist Tendency | October 11, 2023

[Video] Alan Woods on world perspectives: Clear the decks for communism!

In Defence of Marxism | August 18, 2023