Venezuela: The referendum defeat - What does it mean?

The proposals for constitutional change have been defeated by 50.7% to 49.3%. The opposition hardly increased its absolute vote, but there was a high level of abstention. This is a warning. The masses are demanding decisive action not words! It may be that this defeat will have the opposite effect. It can rouse the masses to new levels of revolutionary struggle.

Venezuela on December 2: for an overwhelming yes vote

On Sunday the Venezuelan people are voting in the referendum on constitutional reform. A massive “yes” vote would strengthen the revolution. The oligarchy, imperialism, all the forces of reaction have lined up behind the call for a “No” vote. This is not the time to sit on the fence. All genuine revolutionary forces must rally behind the call for a “Yes” vote. Also check out the Hands Off Venezuela blog that will cover this over the weekend.

Chavez threatens to destroy the bourgeoisie

Last week Chavez met several worker delegations and made one of his most radical speeches ever, explaining that the aim of the revolution is to change the relationships in the workplace, to plan production, to take over piece-by-piece the functions of the government and to finish up by destroying the bourgeois state. A clear indication of how polarised the situation has become in the build-up to the December 2 referendum.

Venezuela: counterrevolution raises its head - Heinz Dieterich and General Baduel

The Marxists have long argued that the only way forward for the Venezuelan revolution is to strike blows against the counterrevolutionary bourgeoisie, by expropriating the bankers, landlords and capitalists, etc. However, there are other voices saying rather different things. One of the most persistent of these voices is that of Heinz Dieterich, who has been waging a noisy campaign in favour of what he calls “Socialism of the XXI Century” - a strange kind of socialism indeed in that it differs very little from capitalism.

Mexico: Revolution on the Horizon

Latin America is in the midst of a great awakening, a revolutionary struggle. From the outside, it would seem as if Mexico has been the exception to this; the capitalist press here in Canada have painted Mexico as the bastion of stable bourgeois democracy. As a result, people have made the mistaken assumption that the right-wing government of the (illegitimate) President of Mexico, Felipe Calderón, is a reflection of the will and mood of the masses of Mexico. This could not be further from the truth. The mood in Mexico is very much a revolutionary one; conditions in Mexico become more and more difficult every day for the Mexican working class and the people have said “¡Ya basta!” – enough is enough.

The challenges facing the Venezuelan Revolution

The overwhelming victory of Chávez in the presidential elections last December marked a new shift to the left in the Venezuelan revolution, followed by the setting up of the PSUV, nationalisations, workers' control, enabling power. In a speech at the summer school of the International Marxist Tendency, Jorge Martin analysed the stage the revolution is at, the dangers it faces and outlined the way forward.

Mexico: Release Adán Mejía López now! Stop repression in Oaxaca!

After the recent resurgence of the mass movement in Oaxaca the authorities have responded by launching a wave of brutal repression. Many activists have been arrested. Among these is a comrade of the Militante Marxist Tendency and APPO activist. Workers and youth in all countries should protest strongly!

Manifesto of the Marxist Tendency Militante against repression in El Salvador

Unable to employ the tried and tested method of direct and open repression, the ruling class of El Salvador has engaged in a series of measures to criminalize the struggles of the workers and youth, which can now be classified as “acts of terrorism”.
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