Labour Fightback

Victory to the postal workers!

Socialist Fightback Edmonton visiting the CUPW Picket Lines On Monday, Oct. 22, approximately 50,000 postal workers began rotating strike action. After years of the Canada Post management increasing workloads and forced overtime, postal workers have had enough and are fighting back.

Unionization takes off at WestJet

Flight dispatchers at WestJet, a Calgary-based airline, have applied to join the Canadian Airline Dispatchers Association (CALDA). They join pilots and other staff at the company who have decided to unionize over the past year and a half.

End the lockout of IATSE Local 58! Union busting has to go!

Since July 20, more than 400 stagehands and technical workers belonging to IATSE Local 58 have been locked out by the bosses at Toronto’s Exhibition Place. Appeals from the workers to not cross picket lines has resulted in a projected loss of $1.5 million in profits for the CNE. This has proven to be an effective way of getting the attention of employers to return to the table. Members of the union have made it clear that the employers’ lockout and use of scabs is nothing more than union busting and a move to set a new industry standard for low wages.

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