Ontario faculty legislated back to work: we need a movement of defiance!

On Thursday, November 16th the Ontario government announced that it was tabling back-to-work legislation against striking faculty at Ontario’s colleges. This comes only hours after the employer’s most recent offer was rejected by a resounding 86 per cent of faculty. Participation in the vote, which was forced by the employer, was 95 per cent.

Brazil: In defense of democratic and trade union freedoms and workers' rights

Florianopolis Struggle 2 Esquerda MarxistaThe Union of Municipal Workers of Florianópolis (Sintrasem) is under attack by the city and the judiciary. The workers' strike against a package which involves the withdrawal of acquired rights, and wage and pension cuts approved by Mayor Gean Loureiro (PMDB), was declared illegal by the Regional Labor Court which ruled an end to the strike, a daily fine of R$15,000.00 [US$5000] and, scandalously, decided that the proceedings would be secret! As if it were a criminal case against a criminal gang!

Urgent: Support the struggle to nationalize the occupied factory Flasko

The Flasko factory in Brazil, which has been occupied and run under workers’ control, needs your help. For eleven years this factory has been run without bosses and under the control of the workers. Now they are waging a struggle to have the factory officially nationalized under workers’ control. Flasko needs 10,000 signatures by June 17 to force a public hearing in the Brazilian Senate to discuss their proposal of expropriation of the occupied factory. Please sign using the link below to help the comrades reach this target.

Letters of solidarity with the Quebec student movement

qc student protest populaireWe are re-publishing two letters of solidarity with the Quebec student movement, and we encourage our readers and supporters to distribute them to their own unions, locals, student groups, workplaces, etc.  Fightback fully agrees that we need to spread the example from Quebec to the rest of Canada, as well as standing in solidarity with Quebec students in their struggle against the Jean Charest government.

Urgent solidarity appeal with El Salvador comrades

appeal elsalvador freddyTwo leading comrades of the International Marxist Tendency in El Salvador have suffered a serious accident. On Friday March 2, Fredy and Ely were travelling home on a bus which was stopped by a criminal gang. The gang doused the bus with gasoline and set it on fire. The driver attempted to escape by driving away. Fredy and Ely jumped off the moving bus as there had been a previous incident in which a number of people died when a bus was set on fire by a criminal gang.

Don't exclude the Iranian community from the anti-war movement

iran revolution fistFightback is republishing this letter, written by Iranian-Canadian activists, who are demanding that they not be excluded from the anti-war movement, and that support for Iranian revolutionaries not be silenced.  This letter was addressed to leaders of various Canadian anti-war organizations in the aftermath of an anti-war protest in Toronto on Sunday, 4th March.  A Persian translation follows the English letter.

Fightback supports the struggle of Canada Post workers

The Canadian Union of Postal Workers (CUPW) is set to strike as of 11:59pm on Thursday.  CUPW workers are the first in line to have to fight back against Stephen Harper's austerity agenda.  Fightback offers our complete support to the Canada Post workers in their fight for better living conditions.  At our recent national conference, Fightback supporters unanimously adopted the following message of solidarity.

Pakistan: Revolutionary Flood Campaign and Protest Campaign

The Pakistan Trade Union Defence Campaign (PTUDC) has launched the Revolutionary Flood Relief and Protest Committees across Pakistan, especially in the intensely affected areas, to conduct an efficient and effective rescue and relief effort. Fifty seven camps of this campaign have been set up in various regions and is appealing for help.  For the latest news and information from the campaign, please visit the PTUDC's website at .

Solidarity appeal - Student journalist killed in Erbil, Iraq

The body of Zardasht Osman, a 23 year old University student was dumped in front of the offices of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan in Mosul (about 50 km west of Erbil) on Wednesday, May 5. Zardasht had been tortured, before being executed with two gunshots to the head. Please add your name to the protest!

Brazil: Support the Flaskô workers!

Flaskô is the last surviving factory of the Occupied Factories Movement of Brazil, after the heavy police intervention put an end to the almost five-year occupation at Cipla and Interfibra. The workforce has been demanding that the Lula government nationalises the plant, but with no serious reply. We call on our readers to urgently send to the Brazilian authorities resolutions supporting the Flaskô workers, with the following basic content.

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