Fightback's 2018 Perspectives - The need for a militant workers’ movement

The “Great Recession” of 2008-2009 represents a turning point in world history. In the decade since this event capitalism has failed to develop the productive forces and put in place a meaningful recovery. This has led an important layer of workers and youth to look for alternatives. Increasingly, the ideas of socialism, Marxism, and revolution are gaining support in one country after another. In Canada, the revolutionary socialists of Fightback and the International Marxist Tendency are leading the way and giving a Marxist perspective on current politics. More and more youth and workers are adopting a Marxist analysis of the capitalist crisis. Towards this end, we present Fightback's 2018 Perspectives - The need for a militant workers’ movement as a discussion document for all those who aim to link revolutionary theory with the real life movement of workers, youth, and the oppressed.

Update on the Economic and Political Situation in Canada 2017

Front Cover PhotoRelative calm and stability have seemed to define Canadian politics in a world marked by crisis, instability, abrupt shocks and sharp polarization. International commentators have highlighted the strength of the political “centre” in Canada. The Economist even ran an article titled “Canada: The last Liberals” after the victory of Donald Trump in the American elections last fall. Will Canada continue to be an “island of stability” surrounded by a storm affecting world politics, economy and international relations?

Fightback's 2015 Political Perspectives

the 25 scariest moments of the financial crisisThis year the Fightback editorial board is presenting our perspectives document as a tribute to our dearly departed comrade, Camilo Cahis. This document is traditionally published unattributed; but we are revealing that Camilo was the lead author in 2015. This is a testament to the abilities of the man, that he could be so creative while being so very ill. This document was discussed and ratified at the 15th annual congress of Fightback on 16-18 May, 2015.

IMT Quebec's Manifesto Against Austerity

A massive social confrontation is brewing in Quebec. Every week the government rolls out new cuts that directly make our lives more difficult. All of the social programs and benefits, which we’ve won over decades of struggle, are now on the chopping block. Millions of workers and youth are looking for answers as to why this is happening and how we can fight back. It is with this in mind that La Riposte has produced this manifesto, with the goal of giving workers and youth Marxist ideas to help them in the movement to come.

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