Basic Subscription

With $30 ($20 + $10 postal & handling fee), you get 10 issues of Fightback, mail-delivered. 


With $20, you get an e-subscription of 10 issues of Fightback.


Solidarity Subscription (Through Paypal or Major Credit Card)

While a basic subscription will ensure you get the newspaper on a monthly basis, it barely covers the costs of production/mailing. We are asking folks who want to see the strengthening of revolutionary and socialist organization in Canada to seriously consider taking out a “Solidarity subscription”. By contributing $10, $20, $50, or any other amount per month, you will an ongoing delivery of Fightback and specials. 

Solidarity Subscription Option

Solidarity Subscription (Through Chequing Account) 

You can also set up an automatic bank withdrawal (Electronic Fund Transfer or EFT). To sign up, you can fill below EFT Registration form or send a void cheque to our address, or contact us at or (416-461-0304).

One Time Donation

Make a one-time donation of any amount.

Electronic Fund Transfer (EFT) Registration Form

To see where you can find the institution, branch/transit, and account number of your banking account, click here to view an example of void cheque.

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