• Successful Montreal Marxist School

    The seventh annual Montreal Marxist Winter School, held this past weekend (February 18-19), was a resounding success! Read More +
  • Fidel has died - The Cuban Revolution must live!

    Today more than ever we say: defend the Cuban revolution, no to capitalist restoration, fight capitalism worldwide! Read More +
  • To Fight Trump, Fight Capitalism!

    Capitalism is bankrupt and so are its political parties. To fight Trump we have to fight capitalism. Read More +
  • Unions Must Not Sell-Out the Youth!

    The labour movement needs to say a clear “No” to two-tier contracts. Don’t scab on future workers; don’t unleash this cancer within the union. Read More +
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Fightback No. 106 (April 2017)

Fightback #106 Web

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