In Defence ofLeninFight for communism!

Montreal Marxist Winter School 2024
February 17-18

In Defence of Lenin

Fight for Communism!

Vladimir Lenin died 100 years ago, on January 21, 1924. Perhaps no name in history has been so vilified as that of the great revolutionary and leader of the Russian Revolution. Over the past century, bourgeois historians, liberals, reformists and anarchists have attacked his ideas and his role in history. Underlying the slanders and lies is a campaign to discredit Lenin, the Russian Revolution, Communism and the revolutionary hope they represent.

At a time when capitalism is sinking into the worst crisis in its history, Lenin's ideas remain fundamental to any revolutionary who wants to fight against this rotten system. Like the Bolshevik leader, who put theory and ideas at the heart of the revolutionary work, the International Marxist Tendency and its Canadian section Révolution communiste/Communist Revolution are making education and the struggle for political clarity a top priority. That's why we are organizing for the 14th consecutive year the Montreal Marxist Winter School.

Over the years, the Marxist School has become an educational landmark for revolutionaries from across the country and beyond. Over 460 people attended our 2023 edition. This year, we're aiming to reach 700 participants for this two-day school devoted to the life and ideas of Lenin.

"Without revolutionary theory, there can be no revolutionary movement." — Lenin

Our task in this epoch of capitalist crisis is to build a Communist leadership for the working class like Lenin did with the Bolshevik party. Register for the biggest Marxist event in Quebec and Canada, and join hundreds of communists from all over the world who are organizing to prepare for world revolution.

Discussion topics and readings

Discussion topics

This year’s school will feature eight inspiring discussions. All discussions will be in English and French with consecutive translation.

Select a topic from the list below or scroll down to see all topics.

Suggested readings

For those wishing to prepare for the event, here are some recommended readings.

Suggested readings

  • Book Buy In Defence of Lenin - Rob Sewell and Alan Woods (PREORDER NOW AND SAVE 10$)
  • Article
    • Lire En défense de Lénine - Rob Sewell
    • Read In defence of Lenin - Rob Sewell

Further readings

  • Book Buy Lenin and Trotsky: What They Really Stood For - Alan Wood et Ted Grant
  • Book Buy Bolshevism, the road to Revolution - Alan Woods

Reading is optional and the event is open to all audiences, regardless of experience or knowledge!

The life and ideas of Lenin

As the leader of the Russian Revolution, Lenin was a man who changed the world. A convinced Marxist, he created the Bolshevik Party, the most revolutionary party in history. Lenin translated the ideas of Marxism into reality. It is now one hundred years since his death. The bourgeois historians continue to slander him and his ideas. In this talk, Rob Sewell, author of a new biography of Lenin, will explain Lenin’s real life and ideas, separating fact from fiction and drawing out lessons for revolutionaries today.

Suggested readings

  • Book Buy In Defence of Lenin - Rob Sewell and Alan Woods (PREORDER NOW AND SAVE 10$)
  • Article
    • Lire En défense de Lénine - Rob Sewell
    • Read In defence of Lenin - Rob Sewell

Further readings

  • Article Read The Young Lenin - Rob Sewell

Imperialism and War

In the midst of World War I, Lenin wrote Imperialism, The Highest Stage of Capitalism. In this book, he explained that in the stage of imperialist monopoly capitalism, the entire economy is under the domination of the banks and finance capital. This global domination inevitably leads to armed conflict for the redivision of the world. As long as capitalism remains, as long as competition between multinational corporations remains, so will war. Now, over a hundred years later, all of Lenin’s predictions are more true than ever.

Suggested readings

  • Article
    • Lire Qu’est-ce que l’impérialisme? - Alan Woods
    • Read What is Imperialism? - Alan Woods
  • Book
    • Acheter L’impérialisme, stade suprême du capitalisme - Vladimir Lénine
    • Buy Imperialism: The Highest Stage of Capitalism - Vladimir Lenin
  • Classic Lire Le socialisme et la guerre - Vladimir Lénine
  • Classic Read War and Revolution - Vladimir Lenin

Further readings

  • Article Read Lenin and Internationalism - Rob Sewell
  • Article Read The war years - extract from Bolshevism, the road to Revolution - Alan Woods
  • Book Buy The First World War – A Marxist Analysis of the Great Slaughter - Alan Woods

Marxism and the National Question

Tsarist Russia was known as the “Prisonhouse of Nations,” it denied all rights to the various minorities. The Bolsheviks took up the cause of oppressed nationalities and defended the right of nations to self-determination in their program. The October Revolution went on to liberate the oppressed nationalities from the tsarist yoke. However, that is not the end of the story. Lenin’s position on the National Question was not a simple, one-size-fits-all solution, but the result of a careful study of the question in its particular historic evolution and complexity. Today, the National Question has reemerged as a rallying point, from Scotland to Palestine. It’s more important than ever for Marxists to study Lenin’s writings, so we may unite the working class on a worldwide scale for the overthrow of international capital.

Suggested readings

  • Booklet Acheter Lénine sur la question nationale
    • Lire La révolution socialiste et le droit des nations à disposer d’elles-mêmes - Vladimir Lénine
    • Read The Socialist Revolution and the Right of Nations to Self-Determination - Vladimir Lenin
    • Lire Notes critiques sur la question nationale - Vladimir Lénine
    • Read Critical Remarks on the National Question - Vladimir Lenin

Further readings

  • Article
    • Lire La question nationale et la lutte des classes au Québec - Joel Bergman
    • Read National and Class Struggle in Quebec - Joel Bergman
  • Article
    • Lire Ukraine : laissons parler Lénine - Vladimir Lénine
    • Read What was Lenin's real position on the Ukrainian national question? - Vladimir Lenin

In Defence of Materialism : Lenin’s philosophical struggle

The philosophy of Marxism is dialectical materialism. This is not a fixed dogma, but a method for analyzing the world scientifically so we may change it. In the dark days of reaction after the failed 1905 revolution, many erstwhile Marxists turned away from dialectical materialism in search of “new ideas.” They thought they could “update” Marxism with the trendy philosophy of Ernst Mach, which was really just subjective idealism. Lenin took up the fight to defend dialectical materialism in his book Materialism and Empirio-Criticism, in which he brilliantly explains the fundamental principles of the materialist philosophy and exposes idealism in all its guises. This philosophical struggle is not ancient history, but remarkably relevant as, over the decades, Marxism has continued to come under attack from reincarnations of idealism such as postmodernism.

Suggested readings

  • Article
    • Lire En défense du matérialisme - Alan Woods
    • Read In Defence of Materialism - Alan Woods
  • Article
    • Lire Qu’est-ce que le matérialisme dialectique? - Rob Sewell
    • Read What is dialectical materialism? - Rob Sewell

Further readings

  • Book Buy Materialism & Empirio-Criticism - Vladimir Lenin
    • Classic Lire Matérialisme et empiriocriticisme - Vladimir Lénine
    • Reading guide Read You can also accompany your reading with this reading guide
  • Article
    • Lire Ludwig Feuerbach et la fin de la philosophie classique allemande - Friedrich Engels
    • Read Ludwig Feuerbach and the End of Classical German Philosophy - Friedrich Engels
  • Article Read Scientific revolution and materialist philosophy - Ben Curry
  • Book
    • Acheter Histoire de la philosophie - Alan Woods
    • Buy History of Philosophy - Alan Woods
  • Book Buy Reason in Revolt - Alan Woods & Ted Grant
  • Book
    • Acheter Anti-Dühring - Friedrich Engels
    • Buy Anti-Dühring - Friedrich Engels

The State and Revolution

Around the world, we see the working class and youth attempting to shake off capitalist oppression, thus inevitably colliding with the state. But what is the state? Can it be changed gradually through elections? Must it be overthrown? And do the workers need a state of their own? These are some of the burning questions Lenin tackled in State and Revolution, written in the heat of the 1917 Russian Revolution. Here, Lenin explains that, stripped of all non-essentials, the state is in the final analysis “groups of armed men”: the army and the police, in defence of the ruling class. An understanding of the nature of the state is a necessary weapon in the hands of the working class. This is why Lenin’s State and Revolution is one of the most important works of the twentieth century.

Suggested readings

  • Book
    • Acheter L’État et la Révolution - Vladimir Lénine
    • Buy State and Revolution - Vladimir Lenin

Further readings

  • Article Lire L’État et la Révolution aujourd’hui - Ted Grant
  • Classic Lire De l’État - Vladimir Lénine
  • Article Read The role of the state and social democracy - Alan Woods
  • Article Read Marxism and the State - Alan Woods
  • Article Read USA : How Can the Working Class End Police Terror? - Socialist Revolution
  • Article Read Sweden: “Scandinavian socialism” or a bosses’ paradise? - Ylva Vinberg
  • Book
    • Acheter L’origine de la famille, de la propriété privée et de l’État - Friedrich Engels
    • Buy The Origin of the Family, Private Property and the State - Friedrich Engels

Lenin against Stalin

Stalin played no outstanding role in the Russian Revolution. He rose to power at the head of a self-interested bureaucratic caste, when the working class of Russia was exhausted and isolated, unable to continue its fight. And yet he cloaked himself in Lenin’s robes; he legitimized his rule by claiming Lenin’s legacy. In fact, Stalin’s idea of “Socialism in one country,” has nothing to do with Leninism or Marxism, and Lenin’s final struggle was precisely against Stalin. To defend Lenin and the Russian Revolution we must tell the truth about Stalin: he was not the continuation of the Revolution, but its gravedigger.

Suggested readings

  • Booklet
    • Acheter La montée du stalinisme et la dégénérescence de l'Union soviétique
    • Buy Rise of Stalinism: The degeneration of the Soviet Union
    • Lire Les causes historiques du stalinisme - Léon Trotsky
    • Lire Le Testament de Lénine - Vladimir Lénine
    • Read The Testament of Lenin - Vladimir Lenin
  • Article Read Lenin’s struggle against bureaucracy - Alan Woods and Ted Grant
  • Classic
    • Lire Bolchevisme ou stalinisme - Léon Trotsky
    • Read Stalinism and Bolshevism - Leon Trotsky

Further readings

  • Article Read Lenin's Last Struggle - Alan Woods
  • Article Read Bolshevism and Stalinism - Rob Sewell
  • Article Lire De la révolution d’Octobre 1917 à la chute de l’URSS
  • Article Read Wage differentials under Lenin and later under the bureaucracy - Rob Sewell
  • Book
    • Acheter La Révolution trahie - Léon Trotsky
    • Buy The Revolution Betrayed - Leon Trotsky
  • Book Buy Russia: From Revolution to Counter-Revolution - Ted Grant
  • Book
    • Acheter Staline - Léon Trotsky
    • Buy Stalin - Leon Trotsky

Lenin and the Russian Revolution

In 1917, with Lenin, Trotsky, and the Bolshevik party at their head, the Russian workers and peasants took their fate into their own hands, overthrew capitalism, and began the process of building socialism, This singular event has been an inspiration to workers and the oppressed around the world ever since. But how did they do it? What is the role of individuals, like Lenin, in such great events? With capitalism now in its deepest crisis ever, it is more urgent than ever for us to learn the lessons of the Russian Revolution.

Suggested readings

  • Article
    • Lire La signification historique de la Révolution russe - Alan Woods
    • Read The Russian Revolution: The Meaning of October - Alan Woods

Further readings

  • Classic
    • Lire Les Thèses d’Avril - Vladimir Lénine
    • Read The April Theses (The Tasks of the Proletariat in the Present Revolution) - Vladimir Lenin
  • Book Buy The History of the Russian Revolution to Brest-Litovsk - Leon Trotsky
  • Classic Lire L'avènement du bolchévisme - Léon Trotsky
  • Article Lire La révolution russe de 1917 - Greg Oxley
  • Classic
    • Lire Les leçons d’Octobre - Léon Trotsky
    • Read Lessons of October - Leon Trotsky
  • Article Read The Year of Revolution - extract from Bolshevism, the road to Revolution - Alan Woods
  • Book
    • Acheter Histoire de la Révolution russe - Léon Trotsky
    • Buy History of the Russian Revolution - Leon Trotsky

Lenin and the building of the Revolutionary Party

In 1902 Lenin published a pamphlet, What Is to Be Done, in which he explained the necessity of creating a centralised group of professional and dedicated revolutionary cadres before revolutions erupt. He went on to do precisely that, and Lenin’s Bolshevik party turned out to be a decisive factor in the success of the Russian Revolution. In this very special session we will not only discuss the history of the Bolsheviks, but follow in their footsteps, by launching a new revolutionary, communist party in Quebec and Canada!

Suggested readings

  • Booklet
    • Acheter Classe, parti et direction : comment organiser une révolution - Julien Arseneau
    • Buy How to Organize Revolution: "The Class, the Party and the Leadership" and other selections
    • Lire Classe, parti et direction : comment organiser une révolution - Julien Arseneau
    • Read The class, the party and the leadership: How to organize revolution - Julien Arseneau
  • Classic
    • Lire Par où commencer? - Vladimir Lénine
    • Read Where to Begin? - Vladimir Lenin

Further readings

  • Book Buy What is to be done? - Vladimir Lenin
    • Lire Que faire? - Vladimir Lénine
  • Classic
    • Lire Classe, parti et direction – Pourquoi le prolétariat espagnol a-t-il été vaincu ? - Léon Trotsky
    • Read The Class, the Party, and the Leadership - Leon Trotsky
  • Book Buy Bolshevism, the road to Revolution - Alan Woods


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