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We are asking folks who want to see the strengthening of revolutionary and socialist organization in Canada to seriously consider taking out a solidarity subscription.

By contributing $10, $25, $40, or any other amount per month, you will receive an ongoing delivery of Fightback issues as they come out, along with specials.

Other subscription options

A basic or e-subscription to Fightback includes 10 issues of the paper.

While subscriptions will ensure you get the newspaper on a monthly basis, it barely covers the costs of production & mailing.

Get a basic subscription?

A basic subscription is $30 and includes 10 issues of Fightback sent by post (Canada only).

The cost breakdown is $20 for the issues ($2/issue), and $10 for postal fees.

Get an e-subscription?

An e-subscription is $20 and includes 10 issues of Fightback sent by email.

You can also set up an automatic bank withdrawal (EFT), or make a one-time donation to Fightback. Every bit helps!

Donate through electronic fund transfer?

To sign up for EFT withdrawals, please contact us in one of the following ways.

  • Mail a void cheque to our P.O. box at the following address:
    Mailbox #184, UPS Store, 455 Danforth Ave, Toronto ON M4K 1P1
  • Email us at fightback@marxist.ca with banking information
  • Call us at +1 (416) 461-0304 with banking information
Donate through PayPal?

Each dollar donated means a strengthening of the revolutionary organization.

We appreciate your help!