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We are happy to announce the 2021 Montreal Marxist Winter School - online edition!

The Montreal Marxist Winter School has enjoyed revolutionary growth and is now the biggest Marxist event in the country. More than 250 people attended in February 2020, just prior to the pandemic. As we cannot currently meet in person, our 2021 event will be held online and it is set to be the biggest one yet.

The 11th annual Marxist School will be held on Zoom over the February long weekend of 13, 14 and 15. As we will not have to worry about travel we decided to expand the school to cover three days instead of two - adding four sessions! As usual, all presentations and discussions will be held in French and English with translation.


Louis Riel and the rebellions of the Metis
When the slaves won: The Haitian revolution
The American Civil War to end slavery
The Irish struggle for freedom
100 years since the founding of the Canadian Communist Party - lessons for today
Workers' power vs Universal Basic Income
The need for a socialist planned economy
Chile: From Allende to Pinochet to today
The oppression of the Jews through the ages: Who actually fights anti-Semitism
The Class, the party, and the leadership: How to organize revolution

“Without revolutionary theory, there can be no revolutionary movement.”
V. I. Lenin