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2004 archive

Noam Chomsky and Marxism: On the roots of modern “authoritarianism”

Heiko Khoo | October 31, 2004

The Mass Workers’ Party and its Leadership

Fightback editorial board | October 31, 2004

Tommy Douglas and the Struggle Against Capitalism: Lessons learnt by the Canadian working class

Fightback | October 31, 2004

Take Back the Workers’ Game! — A Marxist answer to the NHL lockout

Camilo Cahis | October 31, 2004

Montreal’s Blue Collar Employees and the Demand for a Shorter Work Week

Lorenzo Fiorito and Trevor Russell | October 31, 2004

The Third Way Raises its Ugly Head in the NDP — Take back the BC NDP!

Mike Palecek | September 30, 2004

QUEBEC: Hands off Venezuela takes to the streets in Montreal

Lorenzo Fiorito | September 30, 2004

ONTARIO: Peterborough Abanadoned to Disaster by Inept System

Julian Benson | September 30, 2004

Programmers of the world, you have nothing to lose but your chains!

Aaron Levin | August 31, 2004

Parks Canada workers continue rotating strike action

Camilo Cahis | August 31, 2004

The Truth About the Second World War

Alan Woods | June 20, 2004

Canadian Election Results: Disappointing NDP result due to failure to use “S” word

Alex Grant | May 31, 2004

2004 Canadian Federal Election – Canada is entering a new period of turmoil

Russ Piffer and Alex Grant) | May 31, 2004

Ontario Liberal budget continues assault on workers

Camilo Cahis | May 31, 2004

Corruption Scandals rock Federal and BC Liberals

Mike Palecek | February 29, 2004

Thoughts of a Québec garment worker

Lorenzo Fiorito | February 29, 2004

CUPE BC One-Day Walkout: Full marks for effort – method has problems.

Alex Grant | February 29, 2004

Workers in Québec seize Alcan smelter

Rob Lyon | January 31, 2004

Mad Cow and the Crisis of Food Production

Rob Lyon | December 31, 2003

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