• Justin Trudeau: the king of corporate handouts

    Justin Trudeau, like the kings of old, likes to pretend he is the thread that binds all classes together, like one big Canadian family. In reality, he is nothing but the king of corporate handouts. Read More +
  • Fightback's 2018 Perspectives

    The “Great Recession” of 2008-2009 represents a turning point in world history. Fightback's 2018 perspectives highlight the need for a militant workers' movement. Read More +
  • Socialist Fightback Students Manifesto

    Socialist Fightback Students (SFS) is a Canada-wide Marxist student organization uniting students at over 17 university, college and high school campuses. Read More +
  • National and Class Struggle in Quebec

    Joel Bergman of the La Riposte socialiste editorial board sheds some light on the current state of the independence movement in Quebec, the comparison with Scotland and Catalonia, and explains what position Marxists should take. Read More +
  • Marxism vs. Intersectionality

    Marxists are against the sectioning off of people on separate axes of oppression and argue for the need for unity. The struggle of any one oppressed group cannot be understood separately from other forms of oppression and the capitalist system that gives rise to them. Read More +
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Fightback No. 119 (Summer 2018)

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