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Did boycotts, divestment and sanctions overthrow the Apartheid regime in South Africa?

Ben Morken | December 6, 2023

Air Transat workers vote to strike, exposing capitalist crisis in air travel

Greger Wells | December 6, 2023

Palestine solidarity faces repression: Don’t back down!

M.A. Olanick | December 5, 2023

‘Social upheaval’ shakes Canadian imperialism in Panama

Mitchell Thompson | December 4, 2023

Growing repression of pro-Palestine activity on campus: We won’t be silenced!

Dawson Communists | December 1, 2023

The world’s oppressed will shed no tears for Henry Kissinger

Tom Trottier, Socialist Revolution, U.S.A. | December 1, 2023

Canada’s history of backing ethnic cleansing of Palestine

Enrique Rodríguez Pamanes | November 30, 2023

Media slander campaign against Palestine: We need a workers’ press!

Oliver Lue | November 29, 2023

Quebec judge rules against McGill student democracy to crush Palestine solidarity movement

Niki A., McGill student | November 28, 2023

The demand for a ceasefire in Gaza and the communist response

Arman Ebrahimi, Socialist Revolution, U.S.A. | November 28, 2023

Kenya Mau Mau uprising: When British imperialism conducted a colonial war of terror in ‘self-defence’

Oliver Brotherton | November 24, 2023

Liberals, sinking in polls, introduce ‘anti-scab’ law full of loopholes

Matthew Puddister | November 23, 2023

Palestine: The threat of a second Nakba

Fred Weston | November 22, 2023

Argentina: Far-right Milei victory reveals crisis of bourgeois regime

Jorge Martín | November 21, 2023

A voice from the West Bank: Palestinian speaks with marxist.com

In Defence of Marxism | November 17, 2023

Arizona Communists Say: Hands off our Campuses! United Action Needed to Defend Palestine Solidarity Movement!

Socialist Revolution at Arizona State University | November 16, 2023

Gaza war: Dockers at the port of Barcelona show the way forward!

L'Octubre | November 15, 2023

Insulting offer to Quebec public sector workers: all out for an unlimited strike!

Éric Wang | November 14, 2023

University of Calgary security suppresses Palestine solidarity and free speech!

Kat Wal, Logan Nelson, Gris Otoño | November 13, 2023

Canada sends special forces soldiers to Israel: The latest in decades of relentless, bloody support 

Enrique Rodríguez Pamanes | November 13, 2023

Provocations, slander and media smears against pro-Palestine activists on Montreal campuses

La Riposte socialiste students | November 10, 2023

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