On Sunday, 13th September, Hands off Venezuela/Société Bolivarienne du Québec celebrated their one-year anniversary. Before their merger last September, HOV and SBQ were both doing similar work within the Latin America solidarity movement. After working together on numerous occasions, a general assembly of both organizations decided that a merger would allow for more coordinated work, and therefore more success in the general goal of supporting the revolutionary struggles of Latin American peoples.

Throughout 2008/2009, the combined forces of HOV and the SBQ have held many important events, including film screenings, public discussions, cultural evenings, fundraisers, and demonstrations. Last June, a public conference was organized, “De Caracas à Montréal: Un autre monde est possible” with panelists Jorge Martín, and Guillaume Hébert. The event was a great success, with over a hundred people in attendance. Other important events have included the premiere of “No Volverán,” in French, at Cinema du Parc in February, and the pan-Canadian demonstration in support of the “Yes” referendum in Venezuela. The merger of HOV and the SBQ served as a model for the merger between Hands Off Venezuela in Toronto and the “Louis Riel” Bolivarian Circle in April 2009.

The campaign’s plans for the future include screening films about the revolutionary struggles of the Latin American peoples at various campuses, solidarity events against the military coup in Honduras, solidarity with the Mitsubishi workers in Venezuela, and a campaign for trade unions in Quebec to affiliate to the campaign and provide us with assistance.

We call on all workers and youth who are inspired by movement of the people of Latin America struggling for social change and wish to become involved in our group to contact us right away and help us spread these ideas to Quebec!

Socialismo o Meurte