Dear readers,

We are coming to the end of 2019, which has been a year full of revolutionary movements. From Chile and Ecuador, to France and Hong Kong, to Sudan and Iraq, the list of countries entering into revolt keeps growing. Here in Canada, the political landscape has never been so turbulent and the economy never more uncertain for working class people.

In this context, we can proudly say that Fightback has made important strides in building the forces of Marxism across the country, in preparation for big movements at home.

Some of the major things we have done in 2019:

  1. Organized the largest annual Marxist event in Canada with the Montreal Winter School.
  2. Advanced westward with our Edmonton Marxist Summer School and growing forces in BC and Alberta.
  3. Helped organize our members in the first student strike in English Canada in 23 years on November 6th.
  4. Strengthened our forces across national and linguistic lines with full-time organizers and offices in both English and French Canada.
  5. Developed our theory with an upcoming document on the Indigenous Struggle (to be published soon, following extensive research and democratic discussions).
  6. Passed resolutions to nationalize the GM Oshawa plant on the floors of UNIFOR Local 222, NDP Durham and Durham Labour Council.
  7. Passed a resolution to defy back-to-work legislation at CUPE Ontario convention 2019 and the OFL Convention 2019 and continued to fight to make it happen in action.
  8. Organized successful appeals to free our comrades in Pakistan
  9. Started a growing campaign to drop all bogus charges against left-wing activists in Hamilton, including two of our own who have been charged.
  10. Sent dozens of our members in solidarity to the picket lines of 60,000 Ontario teachers, who went on strike in Ontario for the first time in 20 years. 

More and more workers and youth are entering the struggle against austerity, against capitalism, and are looking for socialist ideas. If you support that struggle, if you support revolutionary organizing, now is the perfect time to show that support by taking out a solidarity subscription to Fightback and La Riposte magazine. 

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