Noting that, Pakistan has entered into a new period of crisis with the imposition of “Rule by decree” by the Musharraf dictatorship,

And that, thousands have been arrested after the removal of basic democratic freedoms,

And that, US and allied governments continue their hypocritical support of the Musharraf dictatorship, including up to $10-billion in military “aid,”

And that, the Pakistan Trade Union Defence Campaign (PTUDC), launched by the Punjab Labour Federation, the United Labour Federation, the Progressive Workers’ Alliance, the National Railway Workers Union and the National Union of Postal Employees, among others, is a broad-based campaign organizing against the restriction of democratic freedoms and for the following demands:

1) Defence of our trade unions from the physical attacks of the employers. Defend our right to organise!

2) Stop the privatisation and plunder of state industries.

3) For a minimum wage for all.

4) The abolition of child labour.

5) The abolition of anti trade union laws.

6) The abolition of draconian fundamentalist laws against women. Equal rights for women. 

This body calls for:

1) The immediate lifting of “Rule by decree” in Pakistan

2) An end to political and military support for the Musharraf dictatorship, no tax-payers money to arm dictators

3) The immediate release of all political prisoners, including the following PTUDC activists:

Chaudhary Munir Ahmed, president of the Kasur District Bar Association (Lawyers’ Association) and PTUDC;
Aitzaz Ahsan
, Member National Assembly and President of the Supreme Court Bar Association (Lawyers’ Association);

Ahsan Bhoon, President Lahore High Court Bar Association (Lawyers’ Association);

Liaqat Sahi, General Secretary (CBA) State Bank of Pakistan and PTUDC;

Farid Awan, Famous labour leader of Karachi and PTUDC

Irshad Shar, Executive Member Malir District Bar Association (Karachi) and the Office Bearer of People’s Lawyers Forum ( Lawyers’ wing of the PPP) and PTUDC.

This body resolves to:

4) Support the Pakistan Trade Union Defence Campaign in the form of solidarity letters and/or financial contributions

5) Write a letter of protest to be sent to the Pakistani government and Embassy, and encourage others to do likewise

6) Forward this resolution on to affiliated and allied bodies