On Apr. 23, the Picket Lines Mean Do Not Cross campaign organized its launch meeting in Toronto, at Cecil Community Center. The event was a massive success, hosting 100 attendees from many different union locals in the city. The mood in the room was electric, with rank and file workers eagerly contributing in the discussion about the need to support strike action.

To help workers win against these attacks we are helping to launch a mass education campaign to say it is never ok to cross a picket line. Nobody takes the decision to walk a line without it being a serious undertaking. We need to educate fellow workers and the general public that everyone benefits from working class solidarity.

In addition to organizing a mass education campaign, we are also encouraging individuals, organizations, and unions to take a pledge to never cross a picket line without the explicit permission of the workers on that line. We are also encouraging organizations and unions to adopt a “no crossing” policy, that generalizes the best practices from the labour movement to build solidarity and win victory.

It is time to bring an end to weak and ineffective picket lines. Too many struggles have been lost by workers across this country. This is a campaign to say loud and clear: PICKET LINES MEAN DO NOT CROSS!


1. Help us Spread the Campaign! Contact us at PicketLinesMeanDoNotCross@gmail.com to learn about how you can bring the campaign to your union local or organization. We are more than happy to provide guest speakers, resources and advice at your organization’s meeting or to a group of workers outside of them!

2. Join our Facebook group for news, lively discussions and updates! https://www.facebook.com/groups/11320…

3. Make a Personal Pledge to never cross a picket line! Sign our petition: https://www.change.org/p/picket-lines…