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Horror in the Mediterranean: A racist crime of European capitalism

Alexandros Karagounis and Patroklos Psaltis | June 21, 2023

Greek elections: Syriza defeat the cost of betrayal

Josh Holroyd | July 9, 2019

Greece: a humiliating capitulation which will not work

Jorge Martin (marxist.com) | July 13, 2015

Greece: The new agreement – sellout and punishment for the people’s ‘NO’ vote

Communist Tendency of Syriza (marxismos.com) | July 13, 2015

Greece: government’s proposals to the Troika turning OXI into YES

Jorge Martin (marxist.com) | July 11, 2015

The Greek Referendum: Say No to Austerity, Break with capitalism

International Marxist Tendency (marxist.com) | July 4, 2015

Greece imposes capital controls as Troika escalates blackmail

Jorge Martin (marxist.com) | June 30, 2015

Greece: A troika by any other name would smell as rotten

Jorge Martín | February 24, 2015

The Greek elections and the crisis in Europe

Alan Woods and Ben Peck | January 19, 2015

Greek elections aftermath: Fragile victory for ruling class; SYRIZA is enormously strengthened

Marxistiki Foni -- www.marxismos.com | June 18, 2012

Greek government on verge of collapse; For a workers’ government!

Alan Woods | November 3, 2011

The myth of the “lazy Greek workers”

Marxistiki Foni -- www.marxismos.com | May 5, 2010

The Student Movement in Greece: The first battle is won but the war continues

the editorial board of Marxistiki Foni -- www.marxismos.com | July 3, 2006

Greece: A powerful student movement is shaking the right-wing government

the editorial board of “Marxistiki Foni” | June 12, 2006

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