Supporters of Fightback have proposed the following resolutions, which we believe should form the basis for a socialist platform for the NDP. We have put these resolutions forward because we believe that the ONDY can be a fighting and active youth organization capable of intervening in the broader movement. However, in order to be an activist organization we require ideas and a platform to inspire young workers and students. One of the key strengths of the labour movement is the tradition of free democratic discussion and debate. This tradition strengthens us and shows that we are a broad movement that is not afraid to debate ideas. This way we can better prepare our members to win over new layers of young workers, students and the oppressed to the cause of a socialist Canada and a socialist world. The world financial system is in crisis, proving that capitalism does not work for working families. Now is the time to put forward a bold socialist vision to save jobs and build a just society. Don’t let anybody tell you it can’t be done!

Nationalization for workers, not nationalization for the bosses

Because, the current economic crisis proves that capitalism does not work.
Because, major capitalist governments have nationalized large sections of the economy in order to save capitalism from itself, thereby showing nationalization is back on the agenda.
Because, nationalizations should be done to in the interests of working people and not the capitalist class.

We Demand, an immediate end to bail-outs for the rich.
We Demand, the nationalization of all the major Canadian banks under democratic worker’s control in order to stabilize the economy on a socialist basis.
We Demand, these nationalized banks to be combined with the Bank of Canada to form a new socialist central bank whose management will be elected one third from the bank employees, one third from the Trade Union movement to represent the working-class as a whole and one third from the government.
We Demand, an end to exorbitant salaries and bonuses paid to bank executives and managers and that all who fill these roles, who are to be chosen by the democratic process, be paid no more than the standard wage of a skilled worker.
We Demand, all distribution of capital from the new socialist central bank give preference to socialized industry and production and to self-employed small businesses.

Save Manufacturing Jobs

Because the crisis of the economy has led to the loss of hundreds of thousands of jobs and will lead to the loss of hundreds of thousands more, thereby destroying working-class communities.
Because the standard of living of the working-class depends on the maintenance and expansion of these jobs
Because the continuation of private ownership of these industries is the root cause of the problem.

We Recognize that only way to save these jobs is to socialize manufacturing as part of a democratic socialist plan of production.
We Demand the immediate nationalization of the top 150 corporations under democratic workers control.
We Demand reimbursement only to be given to small investors on the basis of proven need.
We Demand the board of directors of these socialized industries consist of one third elected from the company’s workers, one third from the Trade Union movement to represent the working class as a whole, and one third from the government.
We Demand the immediate introduction of a 32-hour week with no loss in pay to afford workers more time to engage in the democratic running of society and to entrench employment and a living wage as inalienable rights

Free Education

Because access to quality to post-secondary education for working-class youth has been in decline for the past decade.
Because, working-class youth are frequently crippled with massive student debt, have to work part-time jobs to pay for the cost of education, and/or are barred for monetary reasons from pursuing a higher education all together.
Because it is the responsibility of the leadership of the student movements to clearly provide, and engage students with, a strategy and a demand that can galvanize the mass of students in fighting for their right to an education.
Because the strategy of a student strike and the demand of free, universal education provided a decisive victory to the student movement in Quebec during the 2005 student strike.

We Recognize that the call for free, universal education is the most effective demand to inspire students to fight, and encourage all other youth and student organizations to do likewise.
We Recognize that simple lobbying for this demand will not achieve it under the current government and that only building toward a student strike, using tactics such as student assemblies, strike committees, education forums, and campaigns for a vote for a strike mandate, can rally students to fight and force concessions from the government.

End evictions before they start, working Canadians have a right to a home.

Because, the current economic crisis has destabilized the housing market, putting thousands of working families at risk of losing their homes.
Because, the Harper government has effectively nationalized $75 Billion worth of mortgages from the major banks.
Because, this public money is not meant to safeguard Canadian families from losing their homes, but rather is meant to enable the banks to carry on with business as usual, including carrying out foreclosures and evictions that are the inevitable effect of the crisis

We Demand, an immediate ban on all foreclosures and evictions, a general reduction of rents, and the institution of a social housing program to cement the universal right of all to a home.