Each and every day, the capitalist press provides Canadians with a steady dose of half-truths, inconsequential fluff pieces, and open lies. We read that austerity is good for workers, refugees are plotting to destroy ‘Western civilization’, and that capitalism, whatever its faults, is the best economic system imaginable. As the Russian revolutionary Leon Trotsky once said, “The yellow press lies as a matter of course, without hesitating or looking back. Newspapers like The Times or Le Temps speak the truth on all unimportant and inconsequential occasions, so that they can deceive the public with all the requisite authority when necessary.”

Trotsky’s observation is perhaps even more true today. In Canada, the overwhelming majority of news media is controlled by just a handful of large corporations, all of which differ only in how firmly they throttle the truth, and how slavishly they defend the status quo. The various TV networks and newspapers are all just different shades on the capitalist spectrum. Lost in between are the voices of ordinary people, who desire more than what little range of opinion the corporate giants have to offer.

Working people deserve a publication which doesn’t shy away from exposing the lies of the ruling class. We started Fightback in 2004 with the aim of being that publication. For 14 years, we have used Marxist ideas to explain and offer solutions to the problems in society in a way that the corporate press cannot. Since then, we have gone from being a small, irregular publication to a newspaper read across Canada and printed regularly 10 times a year. We are proud to say that our only funds to make this possible are raised through our supporters. Unlike the big newspapers, we are not beholden to a handful of powerful shareholders and creditors. We rely on people like you, our readers, to help Fightback advance and to continue pumping out hard-hitting Marxist analysis that gives the workers a voice.

Therefore, if you enjoy our analysis, and want to help grow socialist media in Canada, we encourage you to become a solidarity subscriber to Fightback. You’ll have the latest in Marxist analysis delivered right to your door, all for a monthly amount of your choice. Even just $20/month goes a long way to helping us staff our newsroom, increasing our print frequency, and enabling us to reach new people with Marxist ideas. A subscription to Fightback also makes a wonderful holiday gift for your socialist (or soon to be socialist) friends, family and co-workers. If you can’t afford a solidarity subscription, we also have regular subscriptions available for a one-time payment of $30 for a yearly subscription.

All across Canada, people are rediscovering socialist ideas like never before. With your support, we can ensure that the Toronto Sun isn’t the only thing they have to read. Help us bring Fightback into every neighbourhood across Canada, and join us in the fight for a socialist world free of poverty, exploitation, and oppression. Get your subscription today!

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