We encourage all of our readers to act now and send letters to Jack Layton and the Federal NDP saying, “Defeat the Conservatives, no Liberal-NDP Coalition!” Those who go on record as being opposed to this alliance now will be shown to have taken the correct stance as the economic crisis worsens. The NDP must not act as a left screen for Liberal attacks.

Model Letter:

Jack Layton – Federal NDP Leader

Libby Davies – Parliamentary NDP House Leader

Anne McGrath – Federal NDP President

Dear Jack Layton,

I am writing to you as an NDP member in the riding of …/a union member working at …/a student at…/a concerned citizen/etc. I strongly encourage you and the NDP caucus to vote against the Conservatives’ economic statement. The measures to remove the right to strike, to privatize crown corporations and cut public services must be defeated.

However, I am deeply concerned with the rumours that the NDP parliamentary caucus is considering a coalition with the Liberals. In no way can the NDP join a Liberal government. They follow the same big-business interests as the Conservatives. In this time of economic crisis they will adopt a policy of making workers pay for the failure of the capitalist economy. The NDP cannot abandon its call to reverse the $50-billion corporate tax cuts and immediately withdraw troops from Afghanistan for the sake of a few ministerial posts. If the NDP joins the government it will surely be dragged down and discredited along with the Liberals.

Yours truly,

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