Source: Fightback

This week, the Palestinian Youth Movement launched a week of action to mobilize youth across Canada against Israel’s ongoing siege on Gaza. 

Fightback fully supports this initiative and we call on all of our supporters to help mobilize against the war.

Since Israel began, once again, pounding Gaza with munitions, the zionist state has killed thousands of people and effectively displaced over one million. If Israel’s war on Gaza is allowed to continue, tens of thousands more will die. Indeed, members of Israel’s far-right government and their supporters have made this explicit. They have called for “a second  Nakba,” and the“complete annihilation,” of Palestinian resistance.

But, this war has also sparked a mass movement across the world. Already, across Canada, our comrades have joined thousands of others in mass demonstrations—from Victoria to Quebec City.

On Oct. 18, the Palestinian Youth Movement called a campus week of action against Israel’s imperialist war—calling on all students and youth to “rise for Gaza.”

The organizers demands are wholly supportable—an END to university complicity in Israel’s genocide of Gaza and an END to the U.S.-backed siege.”

Accordingly, at Toronto Metropolitan University, we have taken the initiative to co-organize a demonstration—with other anti-war and community groups—this coming Friday.

At the University of Toronto, the same day at 3pm we are joining a rally at Sidney Smith Hall against the invasion. 

As well, we will be there in force for a demonstration at McGill University, in Montreal, this coming Friday. This is organized by the McGill Solidarity for Palestinian Human Rights group, which was recently attacked by the administration for their support for Palestinian liberation

We intend to reach out to groups on other campuses and organize similar events. Please contact us if you are interested in organizing on your own campus, and wherever we have supporters we will help.

The need for united action against Israel’s ethnic cleansing is clear for all to see. As individuals or small groups, we can be isolated, slandered, censored, repressed and crushed. 

Israel’s imperialist government has the undivided support of the ruling class in Canada, the United States, Britain, France the whole of western imperialism. It is the task of the youth and the labour movement everywhere to mobilize and defeat them.

With that in mind, we invite all of our supporters to take up the PYM’s call for action, and help build a mass movement for the liberation of Palestine. Every workplace, campus and community must be mobilized to defeat imperialism.

Intifada until victory!