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Sudan: the whip of the counter-revolution spurs on the revolution

Fred Weston | June 10, 2019

Counter-revolution rears its head in Sudan: turn the general strike into an insurrection!

Hamid Alizadeh | June 4, 2019

Five years since Euromaidan: perspectives for Ukraine in 2019

Peter Mikhailenko | March 12, 2019

Brazil: organise the resistance against the Bolsonaro government!

Esquerda Marxista | November 5, 2018

Saudi Arabia-Canada feud reflects ruling class fears at home and abroad

Matt Gardner | August 17, 2018

France: The banker wins – Now ‘Rebellious France’ must mobilise!

Révolution - France | May 9, 2017

[Video] The French elections: a collapse of the status quo

Alan Woods | May 4, 2017

Cuba and Canada – Friends or Enemies?

Joel Bergman | February 8, 2017

Fidel Castro has died – the Cuban revolution must live!

Jorge Martin (In Defence of Marxism) | November 28, 2016

The Paris Massacre: Dynamite in the foundations

Alan Woods | November 16, 2015

Refugees welcome: make the bosses pay!

International Marxist Tendency (marxist.com) | September 4, 2015

Suruc massacre: heinous crime responsibility of a heinous regime

Mousa Ladqani | July 21, 2015

Irish referendum – revolutionary implications

Alan Woods (marxist.com) | May 25, 2015

Tragedy in the Mediterranean: Immigration and the crimes of capitalism

Hamid Alizadeh | April 21, 2015

The Death of the Saudi King: The hypocrisy of the capitalists knows no limits

Julien Arseneau | February 25, 2015

Attack against “Charlie Hebdo”: No to “national unity”! Against racism and capitalism!

Jérôme Métellus | January 9, 2015

Lessons of the Scottish referendum

Alan Woods | September 22, 2014

FIFA World Cup: Wave of protests and strikes unleashed in Brazil

Farshad Azadian | June 11, 2014

Nelson Mandela dies: For genuine liberation, fight capitalism!

Ben Morken in South Africa | December 6, 2013

Mass protests in Brazil: Which way forward for the movement?

Jorge Martín | June 25, 2013

Brazil: The harbinger of a new situation

Esquerda Marxista (Brazil) | June 18, 2013

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