With each passing day, it becomes increasingly clear to workers and youth that capitalism has nothing to offer except crisis and misery – threatening to bring all of humanity to its ruin. In the words of Rosa Luxemburg, we are faced with a stark choice between socialism or barbarism. To overthrow capitalism and establish socialism in its place – a system that would produce for human need instead of private profit and greed – we need to build a revolutionary organization with the correct ideas, program, and methods. Fightback is that revolutionary organization and we need your support to build it!

Since we published the first issue of our paper, Fightback, almost 12 years ago, we have grown from a small organization to a sizeable professional organization that we can be proud of. We now have an office in central Toronto and 3 full-time organizers between Toronto and Montreal. We have papers in both English (Fightback) and French (La Riposte). We are active in more than 7 campuses across Canada. We took part in the Occupy movement, 2010 Toronto G20 protest, 2012 Quebec Spring, and many other movements and strikes across Canada.

We hope to broaden the scope of our work and reach wider layers of workers and youth with a Marxist analysis on current events. Therefore, we are calling on our supporters and readers to help us build a stronger organization. Fightback/La Riposte relies on support from the movement, from the youth and workers who agree that we have to do away with capitalism instead of relying on funding from trade union or student bureaucracies which could jeopardize our political independence. 

If you support our struggle for a better world, please consider taking out a subscription to Fightback or La Riposte magazine for yourself and/or a friend or family member. 

If you already have a subscription please consider upgrading to a solidarity subscription or raising your monthly solidarity subscription donations!

There are two types of subscription you can get:

Solidarity subscriptions: with a monthly donation of $5, $10, $20, or any other amount you will receive an ongoing delivery of Fightback and specials.

While a basic subscription will ensure you get the newspaper on a monthly basis, it barely covers the costs of production/mailing. We are asking folks who want to see the strengthening of revolutionary and socialist organization in Canada to seriously consider taking out a “Solidarity subscription”.

Basic subscriptions: you can get 10 issues of Fightback, mail-delivered, for $20.

Methods of payment

21. Major credit cards
You can pay with credit cards through PayPal. Visit: www.marxist.ca/subscription

2. Automatic bank/chequing withdrawal
To set up an automatic bank/chequing withdrawal, contact us at (416) 461-0304 and send a void cheque to: 366 Danforth Ave., Suite 201, Toronto, ON M4K 1N8 

Join the campaign!

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To sign up, contact our office:

366 Danforth Ave., Suite 201, 
Toronto, ON M4K 1N8
Tel: (416) 461-0304
Email: fightback@marxist.ca