The crisis of capitalism never seems to end. And yet, amongst the depression, there is one growth industry — revolutionary socialism! Last year, Fightback and La Riposte launched an appeal to hire a Montreal organizer. We are happy to report that this campaign was a huge success. People dug deep, and enough new youth, students, and trade unionists joined the struggle to cover the expense on an ongoing basis. But the struggle cannot stop there, and now we are proud to announce we are on the verge of finding the funds to found a national organizing office in downtown Toronto, and a copy-printer capable of producing Fightback in-house!

But we need your support to make it happen!!

We are budgeting approximately $1,500 per month for rent/utilities/phone/internet/etc., and we need help from our subscribers and supporters to make this a reality. Obviously, this will be nothing fancy, but it will be a big step forward, allowing us to professionalize the fight back against capitalism and coordinate the struggle.

With an office we will be able to:

  • Get out more material.
  • Have a location for a library/bookshop.
  • Set up a phone bank.
  • Have more room and a space for educational and organizing meetings.

With a printer we will be able to:

  • Reduce our commercial print costs by 75%.
  • Print in hours what previously took days.
  • Provide material to support workers and youth in struggle at a moment’s notice.
  • Produce more educational booklets to promote theory in the movement.

What can you do to help?

Join the movement and become a solidarity subscriber to Fightback.

Contribute $5/$10/$25/$50/$100 per month and help us pay the rent and bills, or the lease on the press. (Just send a void cheque and indicate your monthly contribution to the address below.)

Make a donation to help us furnish the office.

To get our office going, we’re going to need the following. Why not help us by making a donation and helping us to purchase a:

  • Folding chair ($10 each)
  • Table ($60 each)
  • Bookshelf ($60 each)
  • Swivel office chair ($80 each)
  • Phone system ($100)
  • Filing cabinet ($120)
  • Computer ($700)
  • Monitor ($200)
  • Keyboard and Mouse ($150)
  • Fridge and Microwave ($200)

Donations of items in good repair will also be gratefully received. Let us know if you want your name put on the item we buy with your pledge!

Make a donation/monthly contribution to buy or lease a printer.

The sticker price for the copy-printer capable of producing Fightback is about $13,000, or a $300 monthly lease.

Any donation, no matter how small, is gratefully received and makes a huge difference in the struggle. Through the support of rank-and-file workers and youth, we have been able to make great strides forward in promoting the ideas of Marxism, helping workers in struggle, and supporting international movements. We’ve proved we can do it in the past, and nothing can stop the advance of an idea whose time has come.

Please help and join the fight!

Please mail cheques (made out to “Fightback”) to:

PO Box 65141, RPO Chester
Toronto, ON M4K 3Z2
Or contact:, (416) 461-0304