Last night, Jan. 27, Justin Trudeau had the honour of receiving the great Venezuelan democrat, Juan Guaidó. Having been rejected by the people of his own country and failing to lead a coup, Juan Guaidó is now travelling the world to seek support from the leaders of the great powers. After meeting with Boris Johnson, Emmanuel Macron and U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, the maniac who last year declared himself President of Venezuela met with the Canadian Prime Minister and Foreign Affairs Minister François-Philippe Champagne.

Juan Guaidó, for those who have already forgotten the existence of this pathetic figure, proclaimed himself interim president of Venezuela on Jan. 23, 2019, during a demonstration against President Nicolas Maduro. The Canadian government, along with other imperialist powers, immediately recognized this hitherto almost unknown parvenu.

At yesterday’s meeting, the two great democrats Trudeau and Guaidó talked about democracy: the failed putschist explained to the Prime Minister, who himself was elected with barely 22 percent of the vote, that it was necessary to get rid of the democratically elected president of Venezuela in order to… restore democracy! Minister Champagne came to the brilliant conclusion that the future of Venezuela would be guaranteed by “free and democratic” elections under international observation. Of course, he forgot to mention that Maduro himself was elected in an election where “international observers” were unable to detect any irregularities, winning with a higher percentage of the popular vote than Trudeau. According to Champagne’s criteria, Trudeau should also be pushed aside by a self-declared prime minister. Any volunteers?

The details of the discussions between the two have not been revealed. After talking about the terrible repression in Venezuela, did Guaidó lecture Justin Trudeau about the RCMP’s repression of the Wet’suwet’en in British Columbia? Or About the importance of respecting the constitutional right to free collective bargaining of workers at the Co-op Refinery in Regina?

While Trudeau was happy to talk about democracy with Guaidó, Carles Puigdemont was denied entry to Canada. While Guaidó is technically banned from leaving Venezuela because of his attempt to overthrow the government by force, he was able to enter Canada without any problems. The former president of Catalonia was banned from entering Canada twice last year. This is because, you see, Puigdemont is not a nice democrat like our Venezuelan putschist, but a dangerous seditious man accused of the crime of organizing… a referendum!

A miserable no-body declares himself president? No problem here. The Spanish state forbids a national minority from determining its own destiny? Everything is fine. For the Trudeaus and Guaidós of this world, democracy is when the rich and powerful control the government, and dictatorship is when elections don’t deliver the intended results.