30425262 1678078965573989 3078041699121889280 nOn Tuesday 12th June, 5 days after right-populist Doug Ford won the Ontario election, over 100 packed into a University of Toronto classroom to discuss why Ford won and how to fight him. The mood was one of anger as people looked for ways to stop the coming attacks from the Ford Conservatives.

Fightback editor Alex Grant introduced the discussion, which went into why the Liberals under Kathleen Wynne had become discredited and deserved to be defeated. This election was an example of the increasing polarization to the right and left we are seeing internationally. Grant explained how the NDP could have won if it had waged a struggle against the establishment from the left – using similar slogans to Bernie Sanders, “a revolution against the billionaire class”. He also detailed the criminal role of those on the left and in the labour movement who advocated a Liberal vote under the guise of “strategic voting”. Ford is not popular and has no mandate for his attacks. This government can be defeated by a generalized fight back.

The discussion was very high energy. Many arrived with feelings of bewilderment about how a reactionary demagogue could win the election, but left enthused and determined to fight. The overwhelming majority of those in attendance raised their hands to participate in anti-Ford activity. Fightback is organizing grassroots action crews to poster, table, and protest to mobilize opposition to Ford’s attacks. If his cuts go unanswered he will take it as permission to cut more. Contact us now to be put into an action crew – fightback@marxist.ca, 416 461 0304.