Manzoor (left) setting up a relief camp in Kashmir after the earthquake

At about 2pm Pakistan time, Monday, November 19th, comrade Manzoor Ahmed was released from the Central Jail of Gujranwala where he had been detained since last Friday for organising protest demonstrations against Martial Law.

Outside the jail Manzoor was met by hundreds of triumphant supporters who greeted his release with enthusiasm.

Comrade Manzoor is now being brought back to his home state of Kasur in a revolutionary caravan composed of hundreds of his supporters chanting revolutionary slogans. Along the way in every town and village the caravan is being met by crowds of jubilant workers and peasants cheering and shouting their support for the revolutionary Marxist MP.

In a brief statement by phone this afternoon Manzoor expressed his heartfelt thanks to the comrades of the International Marxist Tendency and all his friends and comrades in the international workers’ movement for their successful work in securing his speedy release from imprisonment. This shows yet again the power of the international solidarity of the working class, a power which is stronger than any dictatorship in the world.

On behalf of the readers of and all our comrades we send our warmest congratulations to comrade Manzoor and all the comrades of The Struggle and the Pakistan Trade Union Defence Campaign.