Revolutionary season’s greetings! As 2023 comes to an end, the forces of communism are on the march. We have exciting announcements in store for 2024… But we need you to help us continue carrying out our work. 

In 2023, comrades of Fightback and La Riposte socialiste, Canada and Quebec sections of the International Marxist Tendency (IMT), launched a mass recruitment campaign under the slogan “Are You a Communist?” In just a few short months, hundreds of communists have enthusiastically responded and joined our ranks. We are now on the cusp of 700 members in total across Canada. We have founded new communist cells in every part of the country, and now have more than 70 branches from coast to coast to coast.

This massive influx of new members into the IMT is a demonstration of the deep thirst for a genuine revolutionary communist party that exists in Canada. But we have no intention of stopping there! Our organization continues to make great strides forward in building the revolutionary party. 

We are now hiring three new full-time organizers to help further the work of our comrades. Our Edmonton comrades are preparing to buy a new printer, which will greatly support efforts to bolster communist organizing in Western Canada. Lastly, we are delighted to report that our Montreal comrades moved into a brand-new office Dec. 1, having outgrown their old location where they had worked for five years. 

A new office in Montreal!

A coast-to-coast revolutionary organization needs resources to function. Recently we launched a financial appeal among our members to support these important steps forward. To date we have raised $90,000 internally (and counting), coming close to our target of raising $100,000. We are now turning to you—our dear readers, friends, and supporters, to help us meet our goals! 

Building a mass communist party requires funding for full-time organizers, office space, printing Marxist literature, and supporting our international centre, which coordinates organizing in more than 35 countries where the IMT is active. By to support the IMT, you are helping to build the only organization capable of leading the working class in the most important task in human history: the overthrow of the capitalist system and the socialist transformation of society.

Great events are on the horizon in 2024. We live in an epoch of crisis and war, of revolutions and counter-revolutions. No country will be left untouched, including Canada. To achieve victory in the coming revolution, the working class needs a mass revolutionary communist party that can play a leading role in the fight to end capitalist barbarism and create a society fit for human beings. As capitalism threatens to drag humanity into the abyss, this task grows more urgent every day.

To help us build this party, we encourage you to support the IMT in Canada by donating to our financial appeal, and by taking out a solidarity subscription to our paper. Above all, if you’re a communist, join the IMT and become a member! The only path to liberation of the working class and all of humanity is communist revolution. Help us make this better world a reality.

We will be taking a two-week break for the holidays. We will see you with renewed revolutionary energy in 2024.