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Struggle over TTC vaccine mandate: Workers’ control the only way forward

Donovan Ritch | Oct 21, 2021


Socialist Fightback Students organize for revolution across Canada!

Socialist Fightback Students | Oct 20, 2021

Socialist Fightback Students

More and more picket lines

Mitchell Thompson | Oct 19, 2021


Striketober: sleeping giant of US labour movement begins to stir

Joe Attard | Oct 19, 2021


The 1990 Oka crisis: Lessons for today

Marcus Katryniuk & Bily Derien  | Oct 18, 2021

Indigenous struggle

Shortages and bottlenecks expose the anarchy of the capitalist system

Hamid Alizadeh | Oct 18, 2021


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Indigenous Struggle and the Fight for Socialism: Revolution, Not Reconciliation!

Fightback | Sep 30, 2021

A worldwide epoch of revolution is being prepared

International Marxist Tendency | Jul 30, 2021

Fightback’s Perspectives 2021: The coming storm and the tasks of the Marxists

Fightback | May 26, 2021